Dark Post Agency is a 100% remote, digital marketing agency, founded in 2017.

I started this agency because of a strong desire to help businesses grow. However soon after launching, realized I wasn't passionate about helping just any business.

The ability to pay our fee was no longer the main quality we looked for in a business.

We realized there was an opportunity to partner with businesses whose core values aligned with ours. So we shifted gears to focus on "responsible" brands.

We want to help brands that are plant-based, promote natural ingredients, are free of animal products, eco-friendly and overall help to reduce our carbon footprint on this plant.

With the 
explosion of educational content being shared online and across social media, the world is experiencing a shift in collective consciousness. Dark Post Agency wants to be a part of that shift.

I also wanted to do business differently. 

Running a remote agency means at any time of the day, someone from our team can be working on your account, while drinking a beer (vegan of course) in their pajamas or sipping tea in a cafe in South East Asia.

That freedom to work independently whenever and wherever, creates a sense of ownership that leads to a
happier more efficient team and higher quality of work.

Ultimately, that means less burn out and better results for you and your business.

Rest assured our team has experience getting results for companies of all sizes, with a variety of budgets and we look forward to getting results for you and your brand as well. 

Christopher K. Tatum

CEO and Founder of Dark Post Agency



This is the stage of the process where we get a feel for who you are, where you are in your business and where you want to be. Then we audit your Facebook Ads account, website and any other assets you own to determine if we're a good fit and can help you reach your goals.

If we determine we can help you reach your goals and we agree to work together, paperwork is completed and payment is processed. At this time my team will begin to develop a strategy based on your goals. We then deliver a scope of work outlining deliverables and when to expect delivery.

ADS Strategy


Next, my team will begin to implement the strategies previously agreed upon, according to the scope of work. Our goal is always to deliver results that go above and beyond expectations.

Good marketing is all about testing assumptions and measuring results, Facebook Ads are no different. Every month we'll email easy to read, custom reports outlining the KPI's (Key Performance Indicators) of your business. 


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